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5 Ways to Live Your Best Life

So I have posted #manifestit a few times on Instagram now...

So what the chuff is it?

First, let me dispel a rumour… Manifesting is not some sort of mystic magic, wonderful wizardry, or an ancient power resembling a genie in a bottle granting all your wishes!

It does not and will not work with immediate effect or overnight…

U will not be able to sit and wish for that Bugatti Veyron and then find it on your drive in the morning… sorry!

There is much more to the art of Manifestation than willpower and positive thinking. It’s about your actions too!

The universe essentially amplifies and aligns with you.

Fact is you have been manifesting all your life, subconsciously…

For instance, if you are constantly coveting more friends or your soul mate, the unfortunate truth is you are probably feeling lonely. Yes fact is we are all individuals and experience things in different ways, however research has shown that people who feel lonely tend to isolate themselves and have difficulty making connections with other people on a deeper or intimate level. Not exactly the necessary ingredients required to make friends or meet a possible new love!

The universe will respond to your actions of isolation and lack of connection and interpret this as “you just want to be alone”! Thus it will enable these behaviours… which will ultimately lead to further isolation and less connection. Throwing your true wants, desires, deepest manifestations and best life well and truly out of the window.

The universe responds to what you DO more than what you say!

Likewise, as I’ve been repeatedly saying in previous posts- your thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence your behaviours, choices, and ultimately actions.

Therefore in order to harness the power of manifesting you must understand your thoughts, your beliefs.


When I was deep into the midst of my depression and anxiety, still at the point of denial that I had a problem… cos obviously I couldn’t possibly have mental health problems… I had served in the military! I was strong, as me Mam would say when putting on her strongest Manc accent I was “dead ard!”.

When in-fact what I was doing was ignoring my true thoughts and feelings, pushing them aside, and attempting to continue my day-to-day as normal, thinking no one could tell!

How foolish of me… cos no matter how hard I tried to stay calm and carry on, keep that British stiff upper lip or whatever other ridiculous phrases you fancy inserting here, my behaviours gave me away…

I was behaving unbelievably out of character! I was overly emotional, scatty, even more forgetful (often unable to articulate sentences as I couldn’t remember simple words), overly defensive, paranoid, unorganised (which is definitely not me!). I had also completely and utterly lost the ability to laugh.

Worst of all I had stopped listening to music, and even weirder was barely singing (my Mam said I came out of the vajayjay singing and was dancing before I could walk!). Music is life for me, I'm a melomaniac. I also stopped talking to friends or family (including My husband and My Mum) unless it was necessary, I was unwittingly isolating myself and beginning to struggle with connections.

Now if the not singing wasn’t enough of a red flag 🚩 for people to notice I was out of sorts then not talking should defo have raised the alarm cos even on a bad day I can talk a glass eye to sleep!

Our behaviours outwardly reflect how we are feeling on the inside no matter how hard we try to hide it!

Until I was forced to face my actual thoughts and feelings through burnout/mental breakdown, I was unable to see the wood for the trees and therefore couldn’t manifest a fart let alone live my best life.


So like I said what the chuff is manifesting?

“Manifesting is the ability to make everything you want from life a reality via positive thoughts AND actions.”
Penned by Moi and the findings from research, numerous articles, posts and experiences

So How?

1. Start where you are!

Understand your true thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

BE HONEST! This hard!

In fact can be quite treacherous to face those demons inside your head. But it’s an absolute necessity.

Until you can identify these, whether they are negative (which mine were) or positive you cannot possibly take control of them and know where you are.

You need to know where you are to work out where you wanna go!


If you don’t like your job.

  • Why don’t you like it?

  • Do you not like the people?

  • The culture?

  • The company itself?

  • The work you're doing?

  • The wage?

  • The commute?

  • Are you struggling with the work load?

If it’s the commute, choices are look for a similar job closer to home or move home…

If it’s the work itself, well you don’t want to be looking for another job in the same field do ya… (look for ways to get out of that vicious cycle!)

Answering these questions honestly and identifying where you truly are will enable you to move forward effectively.

2. Set out your stall

My brains sparking again now, the fog has lifted! (Thank fuck!). It’s back to spinning with wants, needs, and desires like an old-school electric meter disc with the immersion heater on!

Yours might not be as fast or erratic, however, I guarantee you will have more than 1 thing that you will want for living your best life!

Therefore it’s imperative that you set out your stall.


Identify your goals: be realistic! Not, for instance, I want to be Jennifer Lopez! (I do like, but it’s physically impossible! In fact in all honesty that woman confuses me as I’m not entirely sure if I do wanna be her or if I wanna be on her but that’s another story! Lol)

Be specific: Not just I want more money! How much money exactly and why; So I wanted a new job with wages that would not only cover my bills but enable me to live. You know afford to go on holidays, trips with the mini, meals out with the hubby, go out on the piss with friends, etc.

Therefore, the husband and I worked out our current bills, roughly how much it would cost to do 2 things a month and pay for a family holiday at least once a year, and then I manifested that wage… I eventually got it, it took a couple of job moves but I got there, plus a wee bit extra! #smashedit

Prioritise your goals: which one is the glass bowl and which ones the plastic bowl? i.e which can wait as it won’t smash if you drop it.

Choose 1 thing to manifest at a time! You are a beginner and the universe, just like you, is pretty f@$king busy!

It asks you to write down/journal what you manifest: 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night for 33 or 45 days— it boasts manifest what you want in just 17 seconds a day.

However, it can also be as simple as just writing it down on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or on a bloody post-it note! Just write it down… put it out there.

Try a few and do what works for you!

Whatever process you choose to follow, just ensure you be specific, write down or create a vision board of exactly what it is your manifesting.

4. Action Stations… Action

Take up positions and prepare for action!

We have discussed already that manifesting is not a magic spell and it also requires action from yourself. Therefore start preparing a plan of action on what physical steps you can take to ensure you meet your goals.

For instance one of my most recent manifestations, as I already mentioned, is to find a new home. I’ve had to think, plan and prepare how I have intended to do it… My Pinterest boards alone will not get me a new home… so I researched and wrote down everything I needed to do to make this manifestation a reality.



Do it!

So what have I done so far for this new home?

Well, I have had valuations carried out on my current property. I have researched local estate agents, costs, posed the question is it worthwhile, decided yes it was and then went on to work out a rough budget for the new property, future mortgage repayments and so on… Next we put our property up for sale and we have so far viewed what feels like a million properties… (I’m like the Goldilocks of houses, took me ages to find the right one!). What was the outcome of all this? Well it’s still ongoing, the universe hasn’t answered yet, as like I said doesn’t happen overnight… but I’m confident it will!

5. Be Mindful and maintain a positive mindset

One of my worst traits is impatience and a negative mindset, I decide what I want and then want it now! If I don’t get it, well like all mature grown-ups, I would get monk on and whinge. Why me? Nothing good ever happens to me! Blah, blah, blah, whinge, whinge, whinge! Cry me a fucking river… the worlds against me… dramatic to say the least!

No matter how old I got and how much I know that the world doesn’t work like that or that unfortunately it also doesn't revolve around me (rude!)… I always struggled with this. #cringe

Hard truth is, you may not get exactly what you envision or within the time frame you expected, no matter how hard you manifest it!

However, it is important to be mindful of what you do get and receive it with positivity.

So how did I change my negative mindset and work on my impatience?

Well firstly there is no miracle cure and I still have to check myself, before I wreck myself at times.

Secondly, nope it’s not the cliche of “positive vibes only” or telling you that everything happens for a reason, etc etc etc (King n I quote there! Knew I would get it in one day!).

So what’s the answer?


Simple Gratitude!

Gratitude-attitude is something I promote on social media regularly!

Gratitude is the ultimate key to mindful acceptance and the kryptonite for negativity. FACT!

Gratitude affords us the ability to create and shape a shift in our mindsets that enables us to develop a true and genuine feeling of abundance.

Practicing gratitude daily ensures that you acknowledge what you are actually receiving and allows us to secure a positive balance and perspective on our lives by focusing on the good in everything, be that small wins or big wins.

Random but true recent example:

My husband and I were due to renew our phone tariffs, we saw a deal in the window of the mobile phone shop. Went in to discuss further and switch. I didn’t have any ID on me so computer said no…

Bit of a setback but ok we can go back another day.

So we planned to go another day…

Got there (with ID this time!), turns out we couldn’t have said deal due to our current account type… another setback! (Here’s where I would normally have become a moody cow! #drama).

However I’ve been practicing gratitude again, consistently for a good few months now, so I was doing ok…

I had written down in my journal that I wanted to save money on our monthly bills (part of the new home manifestation).

I had put it out there and was now here, sat in the shop, taking action… I believed that the universe knew I wanted this, it was gonna provide!

Well the universe did! The lass in the shop came up with a plan that was better than one we originally went in for!

There was a catch though…

To get this deal one of us would have to change our number, the husband wasn’t impressed about the number change and started to complain that nothing was ever straightforward…

My mindset shift kicked in here, my positive pants were on! I reminded him of all the dodgy calls I’ve been receiving lately (wanting to talk to me about the car accident that I haven’t had, u know the ones.. big fuck off eye roll inserted here). Therefore a new number is actually a positive thing for me… Plus all the toxic people I’ve recently emitted from my life will no longer have my contact so yeah… Happy Days! (mwahahaha my plan is working!)

So no it wasn’t what either of us envisioned… BUT it turned out better and ultimately achieved a positive step towards our goal of lowering our monthly outgoings, with added benefits of helping me to severe some unwanted ties!

On top of that, the weather was beaming that day, we went for a walk around tarn, got our mothers day gifts sorted, and had white chocolate and hazelnut flavoured iced coffees (absolute taste sensation! Thank you to the gorge blue haired barista in coffee boy! You lady are ledge!). All in all it was actually bloody lovely! #livingourbestlife

True Story!

Gratitude attitude right there at its finest!

It’s not a big life-affirming manifestation… but it honestly doesn’t have to be!

Big or small it’s still a win and a step closer to that big one!

It most definitely is still something to be grateful for… a true positive experience and outcome.

So.. what do think?

Still think it’s Mambo Jambo, Hocus Pocus?

(Love that film!! “Another glorious morning, it makes me sick!” Lol.. kinda not the right quote for what I’m pedaling right now but I love it so ur getting it!)


You gonna give it try?

I mean why not? What’s the worst that can happen?

If so remember:

Now go forth and start living your best life!

Please do let me know if and when you try your first manifestation and how it goes! Or if it something you already do and have mastered…

And if you like this blog and guide, why not share it with someone on social media, welcome more people into The V Word tribe!

PS. Be sure to join me on Instagram @the_v_word_visible for more hints and tips on military transition, veterans with vajayjays, mental health, and well-being!

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