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What is the Secret Sauce for Success?

Success is different for everyone. We all view life through our own individual lens and therefore our pictures of success are unique.

So when I say there is one single element we all need to achieve our version of success you may be thinking… how? Or even rolling your eyes and calling bull…

However I bet my eyebrows on it! (Those that know me will gasp, as I chuffing love my eyebrows! lol So please humour me… )

In today’s highly competitive world, it is essential for people to prioritise what is important for them. Whether it is education, career growth, mental health needs, relationships, family time or finances; making sure that we prioritise what matters to us is the key to leading a life that’s meaningful and full of success!

BUT in order to get or do any of the things just listed requires 1 thing….

The secret sauce…

Which is…

Drumroll please…


Yes YOU!

Yet surprisingly, what is often, if not always, overlooked when planning for success, particularly in the military transition period is the need to prioritise work on ourselves.

ALL of life’s transitions should start with YOU!

So why do we forget about us?

In today's apparent ‘woke’ society this concept blows my mind! (It also blows my mind that I’ve used the word woke in one of my pieces! Who am I!? haha)

Just in case, according to Merriam-Webster woke means:

Aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues.

Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent yet again!

Back to the point… YOU.

Taking time to invest in ourselves, to cultivate self-awareness, to understand our motivations and our goals, is the secret sauce!

It pays off in ways you could never even begin to imagine, it allows you to perform at your best and achieve your goals in a sustainable way.

Yet when we write our list of priorities I can guarantee you won’t find yourself on it.

It is not a sin, it’s not self indulgent and it is not selfish because if you want to achieve anything in this life the key factor and word within that sentence is YOU!

You are the one that needs to make the magic happen, you are the creator, the master, the god damn narrator of your life.

We owe it to ourselves, no scratch that, it is an absolute non negotiable for true success, which includes well-being, to take time in our busy lives to work on ourselves.

Time for introspection, time for personal and professional growth, time to understand our strengths and weaknesses, time to focus on our passions, time to take care of our mental and physical health and create that bigger picture, know the why, know the what, master that purpose and narrate the stories we want for us and for others to hear and smile about, the story of our life! #braburningmoment

Doing all of this allows us to live intentionally, not just drift and feel lost… it gives us the ability to be more productive and efficient, creating a life that is not only meaningful but full of direction.

So tell me when you next write out your priority list will you put yourself on it?

Cos without YOU truth is, that list means jack s&@t!

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