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What’s The Point In A Veterans Card?

OLO! (#MegaMind reference cos I'm a child! 😂)

So... I put out a LinkedIn post the other day detailing how to hop on board the next tranche of veteran cards applications.

It's got some great engagement!

However... there is one question that keeps popping up in the comments:

"What's the point in getting one?"

Which I'll be honest suprised me!

I have responded to it in the comments the first time it was asked, however, there are so many comments on there now it's got lost in the ether.

So thought I would do a mass response in the form of a blog instead!

It's worked for me before, it's how the V Word began so why not!

I'll get to the point! (Eventually)

It's an interesting question for me... as I have no doubts about it and never even considered this as something that needed to be asked to be honest!

This is why I LOVE our community as it broadens my perspective and thinking!

Anywho I've had a long hard think about this and here is my 2 penneth!

So obviously there are the tangible benefits:

  1. Recognition and Verification: A UK veterans ID card serves as official recognition of your military service, providing tangible proof that can be easily verified. The card acts as a form of identification, possibly simplifying processes of verifying identity for certain services. It's a ball ache for me to keep having to find my discharge paperwork as proof of service, having this bad boy in my purse will be miles easier... I think!

  2. Access to Services: It may grant access to various services, discounts, and privileges offered by businesses, public institutions, and the government to honour and support veterans. (Such as Harry Ramsdens as someone pointed out in the comments on the original post 😂 #WhoDoesn'tLoveAChippy)

  3. Travel Benefits: Some transportation services and travel-related services/organisations may extend specific benefits or discounts to veterans, making travel more affordable. I know there is the rail card already but there are other travel discounts available too.


In my humble opinion I think it will also have some important Mental and Emotional Benefits too such as:

  1. Pride and Belonging: For me, this card instills pride and belonging, particularly profound as a woman veteran, as research has evidenced, women don't resonate with the idea that they are in fact a veteran. This card transcends its physical form to become a game-changer in how service personnel, especially women, might identify, perceive themselves and how others may perceive them.

  2. Peer Connection: Beyond camaraderie, the card becomes another bridge connecting veterans. In a post-service world where identity can feel elusive for all of us, this shared emblem fosters connection, alleviating some of the isolation often felt or that  “odd one out” feeling like I mentioned in my first ever blog! (It’s on the new website if you haven’t read it…

  3. Validation of Service and Well-being: Having an official ID card validates your military service, reinforcing the significance of the sacrifices made during active duty. In the transition of life after the military, that ID card could serve as an anchor. A tangible reminder, whispering "Your service is valid, and you matter." This is poignant during the transition period as I hear from many veterans, men and women, that within this phase they can often feel cast aside and like their service didn't matter. For me personally, it will stand as proof of the journey I've travelled to get to the now and the who. Sure, it's just a bit of plastic, but the significance it holds is heavy. Reflecting on service, the Mod 90 wasn't merely an ID, or a windscreen scraper; it symbolised recognition and appreciation. Similarly, the veterans ID card echoes that sentiment, serving as a conduit for emotions, memories, and a shared narrative.

This may seem like I’m putting a lot of emphasis on a piece of plastic.

Maybe I am! 🤔

But so what!?

We humans often tie emotions and feelings to inanimate objects, so why not an ID card?

It’s not the card itself that actually matters to me, its the meaning and feelings this seemingly simple and inconsequential thing can convey.

This presumably inconspicuous piece of plastic carries the weight of experiences, sacrifices, and a journey that's uniquely ours.

It's more than an ID card; it's a tangible and intangible testament to something that forged who we are and is a continuous thread of our overall makeup.

So yeah I've applied and will be chuffed to meatballs when this bad boy arrives!

What do you think?

Will you be applying?

Please do comment below 👇🏼 Like and Share!

PS Link to the original post detailing how to apply 😁

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Andi Stallwood
Andi Stallwood
Dec 18, 2023

Totally agree, it's the "belonging" for me, glad to have mine ☺️


I was lucky enough to get mine straight away when I finished this Summer. I personally love my little card and it has enabled me to get a Veterans Railcard which saved me a heap of money when I had to do an emergency journey from the Highlands to the Home Counties. I also used it to get access to the Defence Discount Service (another card in the wallet).

I showed it when I registered with my GP and if I need to use it to advance any medical situation I may have in the future, it is right there beside me. I think this could be vital, especially if you find yourself in mental health crisis. If you showed…

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