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Why ‘The enemy within’?

I initially reached out to Ria Jackson following a post she had shared about the Defence Select Committee's request for submissions surrounding the lived experience of women in the Armed Forces.

I had seen that part of the request surrounded investigations and sexual harassment/offending.

Having read a number of news reports and posts by female Veterans about their experiences, quite often negative, I wanted to respond by saying it isn't always like that.

I felt that I would be a single voice which would be drowned out by those let down by the system and processes or who had not been treated fairly.

For many years I have listened to the reports saying more needs to be done by the Police; victims are failed at Court by bad investigations; the laws need to change, etc.

It always felt that the Police were to blame for the low statistics of prosecutions or if a case collapsed.

Anyone involved in Policing and the Judicial process, knows that it isn't always as simple as that.

Investigation and Court proceedings can be complex and stressful, not just to the victims, witnesses and defendants, who may only experience it once, but to those working within it.

I've often felt on the back foot during initial contact with victims, wondering if they already feel that they will be let down by the Police before a word has even been said.

I've wanted to shout back at the reports saying the Police are not capable and change must happen, 'Do you know how much we have changed and that change continues all the time?'

When I look back to the start of my career, 26 years ago, to where we were when I left a few months ago, the changes in how the Police investigate and manage the individuals within sexual offences investigations has improved dramatically, but these changes never end.

The way people interact and society operates is constantly changing and Policing needs to change with it, which it does but not always seen because we quietly get on with it.

I feel that the Police are seen as the enemy when all we are trying to do is the best for a person within a complex legal environment.

As I talked about this with Ria, I became aware that many people do not know what goes on and that if they had some more information, they may be more willing to report incidents to the Police or seek the support they need to rebuild their lives.

This is why I have decided to hold the webinars with The V Word to share my personal experiences and give insight to a highly emotive topic.

Please follow the link below and join me as I explain that we are not the enemy but we can be part of a process bringing the resolution needed for the individual.

Upcoming Events:

Webinar 4: Beyond Conviction

Webinar 5: Community Building and Resilience

Webinar 6: Taking Action and Making Change

Once booked on a webinar you will be automatically added to a group dedicated to this series where you can chat and ask questions to not only elizabeth but each other at any time. #Community

Listen to Elizabeth on the Visible #WeSeeYou Podcast here!

Elizabeth Russell

If you're seeking an extensively decorated, fully qualified, and experienced trauma-informed practitioner, specialising in person-centric and forward-thinking support practices throughout investigative processes for:

  • Vulnerable and/or intimidated victims

  • Witnesses

  • Suspects

  • Policing staff

Plus a proven track record in conducting impartial enquiries across environments including:

  • Logistics

  • Equipment care

  • Supply chain processes

  • Finance

  • Crisis review, care and management

  • Organisational Change

Then consider collaborating with or booking Elizabeth.

Whether for workshop delivery, facilitation, webinars, or consultancy, you can connect with her through any of the provided links.

Just one simple connection can be the difference!

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