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Welcome to The V Word

The V Word is a community of women veterans from every branch and rank of the UK military.


Our mission is to advocate for our members and inspire them to achieve their goals through support and education.


We strive to foster an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for all women veterans.


At The V Word, we offer a range of events and initiatives to support our members' mental health, personal development, and social connections.


Our events are designed specifically for women veterans and include, personal development workshops,  and peer support groups.

Peer Support

Recognising the value of social connections, we provide online peer support workshops and online meet ups, such as our monthly meet up Brew Break, all readily accessible on our events page.


We also have community forums within our exclusive members area and app.


All free  to join, to help our members build meaningful relationships with other women veterans.


Members are encouraged to start their own groups to meet specific and individual needs.

Personal and Professional

We understand the unique challenges faced by women veterans and are committed to fostering their personal and professional development.


Our events, led by women veterans and allies, transcend the ordinary.


From interactive workshops to insightful webinars and lively networking events, we tailor each experience to meet the specific needs of our community, ensuring a supportive environment crafted by those who 'get it'.

How We Can Help

At The V Word, we're dedicated to the strength of community, connection, and collaboration.


We partner with organisations to offer our members streamlined access to essential services, including mental health support, financial assistance, addiction recovery resources, and career advancement opportunities.


Our platform serves as a hub for fostering connections among our members, enabling them to share their experiences and rediscover the camaraderie often absent after leaving the service.


Additionally, we are passionate about promoting our cohort of women veteran-led businesses, actively working to empower our members and reshape society's perspectives.

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